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Action Alert for HB418 & HB419

Today is the day that the Virginia House bills 'CROSSOVER' to the Virginia Senate for review, reporting and referral! We must educate our senators about the importance of Delegate Karrie Delaney's HB418 and HB419. Don't delay!

Please copy and paste the short script below into an email to the members of the Senate Health and Education Committee. Add details about your family (or not) and ask that they support HB418 and HB419 when the bills are heard in their committee and subcommittees.

Use THIS LINK to copy and paste the Senate Health and Education Committee member emails.

Visit our DDVA Legislative page for tips and tools on how best to advocate for the 2022 literacy bills!

Subject Line:

Please Support HB418 and HB419

Suggested Script:

"Dear Senate Health and Education Committee Members,

My name is XYZ and I am writing today to ask for your support of Delegate Karrie Delaney's literacy bills, HB418 and HB419.

HB419 - Delegate Karrie Delaney's bill ensures Virginia's Institutes of Higher Education use science-based reading research and evidence-based literacy instruction in their curriculum and confirms compliance at least every 7 years with an audit/review of curriculum.

HB418 - Delegate Karrie Delaney's bill removing the product name 'Reading Recovery' from our Virginia educational code. Products should not be referenced in Virginia Educational Code.

We are in the midst of a literacy crisis in Virginia and we need to invest in our children's literacy by ensuring they receive a curriculum rooted in science-based reading research and evidence-based literacy instruction. They deserve teachers who can hit the ground running and impart foundational literacy skills at the beginning of their academic careers. Please support HB418 and HB419!



Resource links if the above hyperlinks don't work for you:

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