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Decision Makers Are Informed By Our Voices

Dear Decoding Dyslexia Community,

We hope you and your families are healthy.

We have a small ask for you today:

As our country, state and districts continue to adjust to the necessary changes to our education system, we want to encourage educational and policy leaders to do their best to make informed decisions for students.  As parents, students and educators we know that the best decisions for our schools and our children are made with feedback from all stakeholders.  

And so today, we ask that you take a few minutes to write a short message.  One that tells just a little bit about your story, one that reminds leadership that decisions to waive (or not) Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) protections and other important decisions about education directly impact you, your family, or your classroom. If you are worried or have a concern, let them know.  Include a way for those leaders to contact you so they can respond. It is important that our leaders are informed by our voices. We are stakeholders of our education system and, with one short message, you can reach so many decision makers.

We are including email addresses for key Federal and State Leadership for you to contact.  Also consider sending your note to your local school board, superintendent, and SEAC.

Betsy DeVos, USDOE:

Laurie VanderPloeg, OSEP Director:

James Lane, VA Superintendent of Public Instruction:

Samantha Hollins, VA Assistant Superintendent, Department of Special Education and Student Services:

Christine Germeyer, Virginia State SEAC President :

If you would like additional information on the CARE Act and potential waivers to IDEA and Section 504 and other related issues, review these links: 

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