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Virginia County Conducts Literacy Audit; Recommends New Curriculum

We know you want your children to learn to read and write.

Did you know that Loudoun County Virginia conducted an audit of their reading curriculum? Unfortunately what they found is that LCPS is using a deeply flawed literacy curriculum.

Why is your child struggling so much? What can be done to help?

We understand your frustration and confusion. Often, we are reassured; parents are told ‘everything is fine,’ while our children fall further behind. Like you, we’ve trusted the school system to be the literacy expert. However, when two-thirds of elementary students struggle to learn foundational reading skills, something is wrong in our system.

In October 2021, a Loudoun County, VA-funded audit showed the current curriculum (Lucy Caulkins) is failing the entire school system, for years before the pandemic. This leaves our staff and teachers without effective tools for teaching our children the basics of the English language.

Teaching students to read and write is the most basic function of our public schools. Parents should be able to trust our districts to provide effective, proven literacy instruction.

Read the Report Summary outlining where the LCPS literacy curriculum falls short.

Our hard-working teachers deserve proven literacy tools. Share the LCPS research, which outlines the current curriculum’s flaws, with your children’s teacher, school principal, and school board members.

Know, thanks to parent efforts, LCPS is seeking out a curriculum proven to teach our elementary children to read and write. And know that your county can do the same!!

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